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Best Japanese Chef Knives: Ultimate Buying Guide 2020

Best Japanese Chef Knives

For your daily cooking, you may need to cut a lot of things. A Japanese chef knife could reduce the hassle.

But for anyone new to this knife, this is so challenging to find the best Japanese Chef Knives.

Best Japanese Chef Knives

Because of its popularity, various brands are now producing a wide range of products. According to the brand and model, style and quality may vary.

Japanese knives dominating the cutlery industry for a long time. Whether it is about perfection in cut or longevity, Japanese chef knives do the best. Besides quality construction, appearance is also attractive.

Okay, to find good quality Japanese kitchen knives need well research. This means you need enough time and effort. But hey! You don't need to be worried about it. We know your time is precious and spending hours searching for the best product won't be possible for you all time. To make the buying process smooth and providing a list of quality products, we have researched tons of knives. After a long journey, we found the products that we can recommend.

Besides The Top Products, Here You Will Get A Detailed Buying Guide To Pick The Best Japanese Chef knives.

Recommended For You

Amazons Choice

The first thing you'ill notice is its attractive look. It is so attractive that people even buy it to keep in their knife collection. Instead of the standard smooth finish, this one features texture on the blade. From home usages to professional purposes, everywhere it performs the best.

It lasts longer than most of the available products. It is like a one-time investment and enjoy for a lifetime.

Available At Amazon







Kasumi 88020-8 inch Chefs Knife

Best for Money

Available At Amazon
  • Affordable price
  • Sharp edges and double beveled
  • Rust protection ensures longevity
  • Wooden handle with durability
Shun Sora Chef's Knife, 8 Inch, Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan

Ideal for Home Usages

Available At Amazon
  • Stain resistance with stainless steel layer
  • Traditional Japanese handle
  • Hand sharpened 16-degree blade
  • Double beveled
DALSTRONG Chef Knife - Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon

Premium Feel in Low Budget

Available At Amazon
  • Laminated pakkawood handle
  • Attractive look with quality
  • AUS8 Steel construction for durability
  • High carbon material ensures longevity
Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

Best Professional Chef Knife

Available At Amazon
  • Professional grade blade
  • Versatile design
  • Impressive cutting capacity
  • Comfortable handle
  • Requires less force and effort
Daddy Chef Chef Knife 8 inch

Budget-Friendly and Professional Quality

Available At Amazon
  • Low priced professional knife
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Expertly crafted
  • Durable handle with comfort

Best Japanese Chef Knives Review

Let's go the details of each product, including their advantages and disadvantages. Also, here you will get to know why these knives are unique and how these are dominating the market.

Read the details and finalize which one best suits to your requirements.

Kasumi 88020-8 inch Chefs Knife

Kasumi 88020-8 is a perfect knife for people who want professional-grade performance in cutting. If you wish to use the knife at home or in your commercial restaurant, you will save time.  The 8-inch blade in the knife is convenient to move. While a long blade can cause some serious issues in cutting, the size of the blade used in it is standard. You can frequently move for chopping small to large ingredients in the kitchen.

If you were looking for a Japanese chef knife to balance between the price and quality, this item from the reputed brand Kasumi is highly recommended. It could be yours on the go chef knife with great suitability.

Highlighted Features

Standard Blade Size

When using a chef knife at home, the too-large blade could be challenging to handle. If you don't want to struggle, you should purchase this Kasumi 88020 8-inch blade knife. The smaller size gives full control to the user and ensures perfection.

Versatile Design

True chef knife should always be versatile to apply for a variety of works. Considering this fact, this knife is excellent. No matter what is your eating habits, you can prepare all kinds of ingredients with the knife. From vegetable to cutting a whole chicken is possible with the knife.

Beveled in Both Sides

For the users' convenience, this knife is designed with the bevel on each side. So, the edges on both sides become sharper. The sharp edges can go through a thick food item with a minimal force. This reduces the chance of getting hurt to your fingers or hand.

Comfortable Handle

This knife features an asymmetric handle that doesn't slip-off from hand when working with speed. Moreover, it feels comfortable to hand, even when holding for a long time. Multiple layers of wood are used in the construction. There is plastic resin over the wood, which is riveted to the full tang.

Durable Metal Blade

The performance of a chef knife hugely depends on the metal used in its construction. Blade of this knife from Kasumi is constructed from high carbon stainless steel with cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, and vanadium. As a result, it's long-lasting and durable.

Rust Free

The main enemy of any metal item in the kitchen is rust. It can rapidly ruin a metal knife and its effectiveness. The good thing is, nothing will happen like this. It is durable for longevity and rust-free.


  • Combination of durable metals in the blade for sturdiness
  • Asymmetrical handle for convenience
  • Eye-catching Damascus pattern
  • Manufactured in Japan for quality
  • Edges beveled in both sides
  • Classic shape with the versatility
  • Lightweight design makes it comfortable


  • Handles are not polished or finished

Final Verdict:

For home usages, you can pick this is one of the best Japanese kitchen knives. With less maintenance, this knife will serve you for years.

Available At Amazon

Shun Sora Chef's Knife, 8 Inch, Cutlery Handcrafted in Japan

Price indeed plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of a Japanese chef knife. But the scenario is not always the same. Nowadays, different brands are producing quality knives with a mid-level price. If you are passionate about Japanese knives and have less budget, this Shun Sora Chef's Knife is recommended for you.

Instead of automation, this knife is handcrafted to give it a traditional touch. You will get the ancient flavor when using this knife.

You can't judge the quality of this knife according to its price. Because within a tight budget, this unit is offering all features. And the best thing most customers liked is its attractive look with classy design.

Highlighted Features

Steel Construction

A chef knife has several parts, but the most important part is the blade. You may compromise for some parts of the knife but never the blade. This Shun Sora VB0706 chef knife features a steel blade. This blade features a VG10 cutting core. It is surrounded by high-end stainless steel for durability.

Handcrafted by Expert Artisans

This is a handcrafted knife that gives you the real experience of Japanese style. Unlike some cheap products, it is crafted by experienced Artisans who have vast experience with this particular knife style. So, each item in this series comes in perfection and the ancient look.

Stain Resistance

When your knife gets too many stains on it, this may not work properly. Besides running the sharpness, it won't have a good look anymore. To overcome the issue, the steel blade comes with stain resistance. On each side of its blade, there is a layer of cladding with stainless steel. As a result, even if you are using the same item for years, there will be fewer stains.

Composite Blade Technology

If most of the time you have to deal with cutting relatively heavy things, the blade will provide ample power. This becomes possible because of the composite blade technology. There are two plates of steel in a single blade. So, it can take a heavy load for non-stop cutting of different ingredients in the kitchen.

Comfortable Handle

Whichever product you are using, a comfortable handle is mandatory to move the knife with good control. You will be happy with the convenient handle of it. Instead of flat finishing, it features a textured PP/TPE blend. This is slip-resistant and helps for proper gripping.
Best for Vegetables

If you don't have a deal with chickens' meat, this knife would be a blessing. It is an ideal one to cut a wide range of vegetables at any angle and any shape. Whether you are preparing some veggies or cooking special items with mushrooms, the knife will go through smoothly.


  • The stain-resistant double bevel blade
  • It does have a reasonable price
  • Textured handle for convenience
  • Sharp edges with stainless steel
  • Handcrafted and hand sharpened
  • Quality steel material for durability


  • You may not like the textured handle
  • Not a good one for cutting meats

Final Verdict:

The Shun Sora VB0706 best suits for home usages. Especially cutting vegetables or fruits, this knife works great.

Available At Amazon

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon

This is an elegant Japanese chef knife that comes with an attractive look. If you like to use classic accessories in the kitchen, this item would be a good choice.

Besides the good appearance, the knife is also known for its ample power. Unlike some cheaply made products, it features a perfect balance. While applying on different food ingredients, you will get master-level performance.

It widely uses in both commercial restaurants and homes. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional chef, you will like this item for sure.

Highlighted Features

High Carbon Blade

No matter how good the look of your kitchen knife, the performance depends on the blade. DALSTRONG features an 8-inch blade that is comparatively small but easy to handle. It is constructed from high carbon material for longevity. It is tempered for swift and precise cuts.


If you are a perfectionist and want smooth cut through the food items, this knife will fulfill your wish. The whole item is well-balanced that you can comfortably move it. While you are applying through some very soft things like fruits, it smoothly goes through and maintains the proper balance. Professional chefs like this balance.

Expertly Crafted

How your Japanese kitchens knives will perform hugely depends on how it is crafted. The DALSTRONG knife is crafted by expert artisans to ensure maximum quality. They have implemented the modern technology and the ancient style to make it unique.

Full Tang Design

This is a full tang knife which ensures the maximum power during cutting. The whole thing is crafted from a single piece of ice tempered Japanese AUS-8 steel at 58+ Rockwell hardness. As a result, it is razor-sharp and lasts longer.

Phantom Series Handle

The handle of the knife is unique, which is imported from Spain. The laminated pakkawood handle ensures sturdiness. It features smoothly crafted brass, and copper mosaic adorns. The well-finished handle feels comfortable to hold even for a long time.


  • Well-balanced and ensures perfection
  • Razor-sharp design for smooth cuts
  • High carbon materials for the blade
  • Full tang design for sturdiness
  • Comfortable wooden handle


  • The smooth finish of the handle can easily slip
  • Not the best one to cut all types of meats

Final Verdict:

If you prefer power in your knife, I would highly recommend this Japanese chef knife.

Available At Amazon

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch, Damascus Japanese AUS-10

The benefit of a larger number of items in the same category is, you can have an affordable product. But the fact is, most cheap products don't have an ancient feel or appearance. Considering those facts, this Zelite Infinity AUS-10 knife is excellent.

The first thing you'ill notice is its attractive look. It is so attractive that people even buy it to keep in their knife collection. Instead of the standard smooth finish, this one features texture on the blade.

From home usages to professional purposes, everywhere it performs the best.
It lasts longer than most of the available products. It is like a one-time investment and enjoy for a lifetime.

Highlighted Features

Versatile Design

This is a versatile Japanese chef knife that is suitable to apply for almost all food ingredients. Whether you are cutting the vegetable to prepare a vegetable curry or cutting steak, this knife will perform equally. This reduces your cost of purchasing multiple items for various works.

Comfortable Rounded Handle

Instead of a flat or flared handle, this unit features a rounded handle. Rounded handle has several benefits during its application. The first thing is, you will feel comfortable to hold. Also, it ensures perfect gripping, and you get full control over the cutting.

Well Balanced

The perfection of cutting comes from a well-balanced knife. This well-weighted knife features the right balance with the handlebar. So, even if it is a small fruit, you will have a smooth cut. Once you start using the knife, you will notice the difference between it and the ordinary products.

Easy to Apply

If you ever struggled to cut vegetables with less effort, you will regret after using this one from Zelite Infinity. With a minimal level of force, you can complete most of your cutting tasks in the kitchen. Whether you want to perform mincing, slicing, chopping, or dicing, you will get constant performance.

Handcrafted and Hand Sharpened

As I mentioned, this is a professional grade chef knife that is handcrafted. Unlike so-called expert artisan crafted knives, this one comes in smooth finishing. You will never say the knife is handcrafted after seeing the appearance and finishing. Moreover, to make it extremely sharp, it is hand sharpened. So, the sharpness sustains for a long time.


  • Ensures smooth cut in all applications
  • Top-quality material for the blade
  • 8-inch standard blade with balance
  • Suits for home usages and professionals
  • It lasts longer than most common knives
  • Versatile to use in different purposes
  • Easy application with minimal effort


  • The professional quality increased the price
  • Requires experience to deal it properly

Final Verdict:

If you prefer the quality and don't want to change the knife frequently, this Zelite Infinity Chef Knife is for you.

Available At Amazon

Daddy Chef Chef Knife 8 inch

If you are looking for professional-grade Japanese chef knives but have comparatively low-budget, this item is recommended. However, the performance of this unit is satisfactory that professional chefs like to use it.

Whether you are a professional or just looking for a good kitchen knife, you are going to like it. From chopping to mincing, everything becomes more comfortable with this product.

For smooth and perfect cutting, this item already got tons of positive feedbacks. It doesn't matter if you're an expert or a novice, you can use this.

Highlighted Features

Premium Quality

Once you get this product on your hand, you will realize how quality matters. This knife features a premium quality with all advanced features. Unlike some common so-called professional products, this one gives perfection in the cut.


If you buy this knife, you don't have to stick to a particular work. Whether you want to chop something, mincing, slicing, or paring, this one is enough. The versatile design allows you to apply the same knife for all works. If you are a busy professional, you can save your time by using this knife for most of your works. You can even use it for boning.

Ergonomic Handle

Featuring a comfortable handle, this gives good control. The ergonomic handle is crafted from sandalwood, which extremely durable and stable. This wood material is known for longevity with minimal care.

Super Steel Construction

This knife is constructed from top quality VG 10 Japanese super steel material. It makes the blade extremely strong, and the sharpness remains forever. Whether you are cutting meat or vegetables, the performance will be the same.

Expertly Crafted

The knife is crafted with modern technology and ancient technique. This is purely handcrafted by the artisans who have vast experience in the field. Before coming to your hand, this knife has gone through a 60-day process.


  • Suitable to cut in 8-12 degrees angle
  • Razor-sharp edges for a smooth cut
  • 67 layers of steel for durability
  • Versatile products to use in all works
  • Full tang design with rust protection
  • Wood handle with longevity


  • The handle is not attached properly
  • It is comparatively pricey

Final Verdict:

To get professional-level experience with a low price, this Daddy Chef Chef Knife 8 inch would be the best.

Available At Amazon

Japanese Chef Knives Vs. Ordinary Chef Knives

The most usual question we hear from people is: what is the difference between ordinary chef knives and Japanese chef knives. Well, first of all, they have so many similarities. But the main fact that differs from these two types is the tip. While other chef knives come with a tip, Japanese one doesn't have.

Ordinary knives remain slightly curves upward to create the tip, and Japanese style doesn't have that. Moreover, Japanese kitchen knives usually don't come with bolsters while a regular one might have it. Also, the weight won't be the same for these two types. Japanese knives are used to lightweight and comfortable to hold. It is not bulky, like mostly used ordinary knives for kitchen works.

Best Japanese Chef Knives Buying Guide

Though you got the best Japanese chef knives in the above list, you still may want to go further. If so, you need to consider the following facts to win the deal -



The first thing you need to consider for any chef knife is its blade. Because when you are cutting anything with the knife, the blade does the work. Based on the brand, it may vary.

If you want to use the same knife for years, try to pick something that comes with top-quality stainless steel. There are two benefits of the metal, which are, it won't get rust, and there will be no stain.



To cut anything perfectly in the kitchen, you need to hold the knife properly. Only a good quality handle attached to the knife can give you maximum comfort.

Different knives may come with a wide range of handles. You need to pick one according to your satisfaction. However, round-shaped handles are always better for Japanese kitchen knives.



Do you want to save your money? If yes, you need to purchase something versatile. Versatile or multifunctional means you can use a single item for completing most of the cutting tasks in the kitchen.

If your selected product is labeled to apply in all kinds of food ingredients, that should be your choice. Even if the price is higher, you should go for it because you will save money by not purchasing multiple items for a variety of works.



Though we know Japanese knives are lightweight, you should still check the information on the product page. Because less weight gives you maximum comfort.

This fact is important for the professionals. If you are a professional chef and need to stay busy all day in cutting works, a lightweight product can save your hand. You won't hurt your fingers or the wrist even if working for hours.



No matter whatever you are buying for the kitchen, you need to ensure the product will last longer. This is only possible when it is crafted well and has sturdiness.

Durability and longevity mostly depend on crafting and materials. So, focus on these two factors and find out your desired product.

Wrapping Up

A true Japanese kitchen knife can reduce your struggle in the kitchen. To make your daily life easier, buy the best Japanese chef knives from the list. If you didn't find the desired product, just follow the buying guide.

Though each item in the list is great, for professionals, Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch, Damascus Japanese AUS-10 Super Stainless-Steel Blade would be the best choice. If you want to balance between features and price, go for the Kasumi 88020-8 inch Chef's Knife.


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Best Japanese Chef Knives: Ultimate Buying Guide 2020


For your daily cooking, you may need to cut a lot of things. A Japanese chef knife could reduce the hassle. But for anyone new to this knife, this is so challenging to find the best Japanese Chef Knives.


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Best Japanese Chef Knives
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